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L’ETO Caffe, Soho

Our truancy day dawned, a day of fun ahead, everyone else at work – happy Friday!  And how do you start such a day … yes of course – with brunch. Off into town we went, the Breakfast Club in Soho our goal; all previous attempts had failed as we’d baulked at the sight of the queue. Friday surely can’t be as bad we told ourselves. Oh yes it can. Failed again. All was not lost though and we set off in search of an alternative, walking past endless building sites – the backdrop to modern London. On Wardour Street our eyes were naturally drawn to a beautiful display of cakes. Introducing L’ETO Caffe.

Their enormous window display of tempting cakes looks truly amazing. The interior space is simple and modern, with open views of the kitchen and a quirky plastic foliage ceiling. The clientele on our visit was a queer mix of local agency types having relaxed meetings and girls enjoying brunch. L’ETO is not large and maybe because of this the tables are tiny, fine for coffee and cake but challenging when having anything more. The water, tea and coffee arrived, table full – time for some creative shuffling.

We were thirsty and in need of tea and coffee. No complaints regarding my coffee, it came in a pot and was serviceable, not the greatest but did the job. However A’s pot of English Breakfast Tea was another thing, I think they forgot the tea, expensive hot water (£4.50).

A’s brunch choice, Eggs Benedict on avocado bread with roasted turkey or ham (£10.90). On arrival this looked fabulous and by the smile on A’s face the flavours matched its looks.

My brunch was the French Toast with fresh caramelised plums & bananas (£8.90). I expected a lot as this sounded delicious. Now I’m no culinary expert, however one dish I have cooked and eaten often is French Toast. This particular rendition proved disappointing: the bread, although chunky, seemed to have only been shown the egg, the caramelised plums (yum) consisted of two pieces of skin and a tiny piece of pulp, no caramelisation was in evidence. The banana was there though,  as was (in my opinion) far too much juice.


I would suggest a visit to L’ETO  as the service is friendly and efficient, there is a nice buzz and this place feels very much part of Soho. Going by A’s contented smile some of their offerings are very good, but it’s not cheap.

Loo Review (PMC Rating): ★★★★☆ Jazz while you pee, a mark dropped as the door was not easily locked which can make things stressful.

L’ETO Caffe,155 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8WG 

Friday, 1st September 2017

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