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Bill’s Restaurant, Kingston upon Thames

It was a bright cold Saturday afternoon when we rolled up at the sparkling new DoubleTree by Hilton (yet another great deal), very happy with our decision to stay overnight. We were here for a Gin Party thrown by some local friends, marking yet another relationship milestone – hooray!

Now, as with any Gin party a meal is certainly required first. I had taken a look beforehand to see what was nearby; a couple of places caught my eye but we settled on an old favourite of mine, Bill’s.

I first came across Bill’s while visiting friends in Brighton a good few years ago and it fast became our go to place for breakfast. The Brighton restaurant was a wonderful mix of greengrocer and cafe in a large space with a great atmosphere. It was with trepidation that I later visited Bill’s in Covent Garden, but happily they had managed to transfer a lot of the best aspects to their new restaurant. Once more this became a regular meeting place with friends.

Post-industrial Chic

The Kingston Bill’s keeps this going. Set in a wonderful location on the riverfront, overlooking the Horse Fair Bridge. At night it’s lit in soft blue lights – very romantic. Sitting outside on a November night was out of the question however. On going in we were shown to a wood and glass partitioned booth, it even had a chandelier hanging above – very cosy.

To start we shared Bill’S Smoky Italian Flatbread (£5.50) – with spicy nduja sausage, smoky tomatoes, crispy onions, chimichurri and Gran Moravia cheese. Tasty with a nice mix of flavours, and just enough heat to keep you engaged. For main course we both went for the same (maybe with the party in mind). Macaroni Cheese (£9.95) – with mushrooms, leeks, creamy cheese and truffle sauce. This was top-notch, not too heavy on the cheese, allowing all the other flavours to break through – delicious.

“Really, just macaroni cheese will be fine, we don’t need the dessert, not a  problem” I said. And how long did that last once we saw the Melting Chocolate Bombe (£6.95) on the menu? – about a second. This is a chocolate dome, brownie chunks, chocolate sauce, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, honeycomb, hot salted caramel sauce. What’s not to like – we did share though as there is easily enough for two.


I would recommend Bill’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have managed to maintain a very high standard for a reasonable price. This is a hard trick to pull off, but after visiting four different locations I’m yet to be disappointed.

Loo Review (PMC Rating): No rating as we didn’t use the loos this time.

Bill's Restaurant Kingston, 2 Riverside Walk, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1QN

Saturday, November 4 2017

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