Dinner, London

New St Grill, City

Realising that our wallets didn’t quite match our appetites, and always fans of a good bargain, we took advantage of the Evening Standard/D&D Offer, which runs from January to mid-February. Two courses with an aperitif for only £20 was just too good to miss, and we tried out New Street Grill.

The food was gorgeous – we tried salmon tartare and the roast cod – and the service couldn’t have been better. But, and it’s a big one, the overall feeling of the place was as chilly city as it’s possible to be. It was hard to hold a conversation over the roar of the city boys out celebrating, and we felt more than a little out of place.

It’s worth mentioning the entertainment factor of the wine list too, which is one of the most extensive I’ve ever come across and features some eye-watering prices. Fancy a cheeky Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon? The Colgin IX Estate is a snip at £800.

We were glad we went for the experience, but won’t be hurrying back.

PMC Rating (loos): ★★★★☆

New St Grill, 16A New Street, London EC2M 4TR

Thursday, 2nd February 2017

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