Dinner, London

Osteria, Barbican

Early dates are nerve-racking aren’t they? A. hadn’t told me where we were going for our second date, so I met up with Mr Mysterious at Barbican tube station and – not totally surprisingly – discovered we were headed for a restaurant in the Barbican centre.

Osteria is a modern Italian created by Searcys in collaboration with Anthony Demetre. It was also deserted on an early January Tuesday. It was just us and one other table, who seemed to be a brace of parents with their student daughter. It’s hard to create an atmosphere in a large empty space, but luckily we were enveloped in little bubble of nervous anticipation and so didn’t really notice.

We had roast English beetroot and sheep’s ricotta to start, deliciously sharp and tangy. I hadn’t tried sheep’s ricotta before (unusual, given my passion for cheese) and was very pleasantly surprised. For mains, he had sea bass and I plumped for Brasato al Barolo pappardelle. Although the food was delicious, given that it was a second date it’s the company that sticks in my mind. We didn’t stop talking and laughing and even held hands across the table (rather awkwardly around the centrepiece). Our first date, if you’re interested, was a drink at a local pub – thank you Guardian Soulmates!

PMC Rating (loos): ★★★★☆

Osteria, Barbican Centre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017


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