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Rivington Grill, Shoreditch

Dessert at Rivington Grill

We’d had a brilliant evening at Old Street Records for a PPA Live event, listening to former Smash Hits editor Barry McIlheney interviewing current Now magazine editor-in-chief (and soon to be editor-in-chief of Radio Times) Mark Frith. PPA put on some great events for young journalists and journalism students and my own young journalist son loved it. (Full disclosure: I freelance for PPA).

Sublime Surprise

We couldn’t tear the young journalist away and so headed off to find some dinner, fortuitously passing by Rivington Grill. Now, I’d normally link to the restaurant’s website so that you can explore at your leisure, but this Caprice venue seems to have been a bit neglected by its parent company and doesn’t have one.

At first glance I have to admit I wasn’t overly keen. The restaurant is laid out in a typically spare bistro way, and looks upmarket and probably a bit too fancy for the basic supper that was on my mind. I’m very glad that A. ushered me in though. There’s an understated elegance here that isn’t what I expected from a Shoreditch eaterie, and although there’s a nice buzz to the atmosphere it doesn’t hinder a good old natter. We had the burger, and here it comes topped with rarebit – added cheese is always good in my book but this was a sublime surprise. Tangy and creamy against the succulent meat.

The dessert was simply divine. A panna cotta with gooseberry sauce, the memory of which I can still savour as I write this. The creaminess of the dessert was a perfect foil for the sharply aromatic gooseberries. Delicious.


We’ll be going back, and we’d recommend you check it out too. It’s not the cheapest option around, but for this quality of the food it is worth paying a little extra.

Rivington Grill, 28-30 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DZ

Wednesday, 7th June 2017


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