Lunch, Out of London

The Duke of Wellington, High Beech

Is the third date the critical one? It certainly was for this budding romance. We worked up an appetite with a long walk in the magnificent Epping Forest. OK, in January it might not have been as wonderful as I remember, but that’s the rose tinted glasses for you. I do remember washing the clay off our boots in a handy puddle before making our way over to the Duke of Wellington for lunch, so perhaps it was a bit on the damp side.

If you need an incentive to get out for some fresh country air, then the lunch here is a great one for you. We had the full roast with succulent beef and crispy roasties. Perfect! It’s quite modern inside, so no roaring fire or low beams, but the warm atmosphere and friendly staff make it a welcoming stopping point for the weary walker.

Date three was a success (and we went off for tea and didn’t stop talking for another five hours).

PMC Rating (loos): ★★★★☆

Duke of Wellington, High Beech, Loughton, Essex IG10 4AH

Sunday, 8th January 2017

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