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Hole in the Wall, Sliema

We’ve been on holiday, but thought that was even more reason to share some thoughts on the restaurants we saw on our travels. We spent a week in a fabulous Airbnb apartment in Sliema, perched at the top of the hill nestled amongst the traditional Maltese residential area. From here we were in easy walking distance of both Sliema harbour with the ferry to Maltese capital Valetta, and also the quieter St Julians Bay. There was no shortage of eateries to explore.

Hole in the Wall

We’d been out getting our bearings on our first full day, and with hilly cobbled streets and October temperatures in the mid-20’s, we were more than ready for lunch. Of course with no local knowledge, we were also a bit lost. As always A, the photographer, was always on the lookout for great shot and a weird cigarette butt bin caught his eye – it was divided into two sections and you deposited in either Pacino or De Niro (I think Pacino was winning at the time). This weird contraption was on the outside of a tiny bar called Hole in the Wall and we couldn’t resist finding out more.

Staying Local

The bar is very small indeed, but we found a seat and enjoyed the cool interior. There were a myriad of drinks on offer but we stuck with the local beer – Cisk – brewed in Malta since the 20’s, crisp thirst-quenching and of course cheaper than the imports.

The bar specialises in quirky toasties, and is well worth seeking out for these alone. Made with the local Maltese bread, open textured and similar to sourdough, these are substantial and inventive. I had the cheesy feast (of course I did!) while A went for mushrooms. Both were a treat, and we munched as we reminisced, sparked by the wall of posters and flyers promoting indie bands and films.

Hole in the Wall

Spotting a flyer for a band called The Burning Hell playing in the bar that night, we came back later and loved both the band and the spectacle of them climbing up to a tiny performance platform via a vertical ladder – the only way you could fit a band into such a tiny space, and even then it has to be a very small band!


Check this out if you’re staying in the area, it’s quirky, fun and run by some lovely young guys. A local treasure, and not particularly touristy. Prices are low and service comes with a wink.

Loo Review (PMC Rating): ★★★☆☆ Perfectly fine for a bar

Hole in the Wall, 31 High Street, Sliema SLM1549, Malta

Tuesday, 10th October 2017




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