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IG9 Salad

We had been meaning to pop in for quite some time, and finally made it. IG9 Brunch & Cafe has recently had a bit of facelift, and very fresh and invigorated it’s looking too. It now has a book exchange and comfy seats by the window. The layout is comfortable and not over-crowded, always a temptation when space is at a premium. And importantly, the welcome is warm and friendly.

Local Heroes

If we want some diversity and difference in our high streets, then it’s really important to support local businesses. They have to do their bit too of course, and family-run IG9 have really made an effort to be part of the local community. They’re a little hindered by location, on the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks at the bottom of the busy and popular Queens Road, but the newly opened entrances to the nearby tube should help. They are next to The Bike Shop too. What is it about coffee shops and cycle shops that they seem to sit so well together? As well as a book exchange, they offer locally sourced produce including jars of honey from a nearby beekeeper. Although there’s no website yet they are very active on Instagram, showcasing yummy cakes and brunches.

We were in search of fruit and veg after a week away in Menorca which follows the Spanish tradition of producing an abundance of fresh produce, none of which ends up on the average restaurant table. Now I love cheese but after a week of eating it with every meal, I was hankering for something a wee bit healthier. Luckily, as well as a splendid selection of cakes IG9 has some interesting healthy choices. We were both tempted by the smoothies. They all sounded delicious but I’ve always liked a green juice and went for the Peachy Green with kale, broccoli, peach and kiwi – whizzed up and served in a freakshake glass. Yum! A. chose the Beet ‘n’ Berry: beetroot, raspberry and banana, and having sampled it I can testify to its sweetly earthy deliciousness. I do have one gripe though – why the plastic straws? Come on IG9, please ditch the single-use plastics and order paper straws next time.

There’s a good range of lunch options with some tempting sandwiches, paninis and baked potatoes but we were serious about those veggies and we both opted for salads, tuna for me and Mediterranean for him. These were substantial and well-crafted salads, with loads of tasty fresh ingredients running all the way through the leaves. So often salads are a dish in need of a little love and attention, but not here. We were both stuffed when we left but in a smugly virtuous way.


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We really enjoyed our local lunch. We’ll be back and would recommend you try it too. Prices are fair with the smoothies at £3.75 each and £7.45 for a substantial salad. IG9 are open  7-4.30 Monday-Saturday and 9-3 on Sundays.

IG9 Brunch & Cafe, 4 Lower Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill IG9 6DL

Saturday, September 15th 2018






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