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The Lighthouse Diner, Lowestoft

The Lighthouse Diner

Mid-way through a lovely long family weekend in Lowestoft, and we were looking for a morning treat to balance a week of healthy eating and exercise (OK, that last bit might be just in my head, but we really wanted a treat!). So we headed off to the North Denes, where The Lighthouse Diner sits on its own below the lighthouse itself, looking towards the North Sea and the wrecked remains of the old net drying racks.

A Proper Breakfast

The Lighthouse Diner is a Lowestoft institution, and deservedly so. This is a fabulous little cafe which is always busy, and is as great for people watching as for the food. Everyone comes here, from families to workmen, the ‘didn’t get to bed’ clubbers to the quiet elderly couple in the corner. This is a step up from a greasy spoon, with a simple and sweet decor and a slightly faded look that to me just indicated that the owners have their priorities right – the food.

There’s a host of breakfast goodies on offer, and veggies are well catered for. We went for what I like to call ‘a proper breakfast’, although even we didn’t think we’d do justice to the ‘Mega’ option, and instead opted for ‘Big’. Crisp rashers of great quality bacon, plump juicy sausages, perfectly cooked eggs – they pay attention to their produce here and it shows. A. had warned me about about the doorstop bread, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the roughly hewn slabs of billowy soft white bread. What better way to mop up the juices?


If you’re in this part of the world, it would be a crime not to drop into The Lighthouse Diner for breakfast. In the summer, there’s even tables outside. At under £6 for a breakfast feast, it’s a bargain too!

Loo Review (PMC Rating): ★★★☆☆ Basic but clean.

The Lighthouse Diner, 383 Whapload Rd, Lowestoft NR32 1UL

Sunday, October 29 2017



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