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Afternoon Tea at The Devonport Inn

Afternoon tea at the Devonport Inn


We had eaten so much by Sunday that we felt a vigorous walk was in order, although it would take more of a marathon to shift the calories that we’d consumed. We walked out along the Rame Peninsula towards Mount Edgecumbe and circling back into the village, just in time for afternoon tea. Do we plan our lives around meals? A. asked. We decided to leave the question for another day, lest it led to talk of restraint and diets.

We headed back to The Devonport Inn where we’d had a delightful dinner on the Friday, and where we’d noticed that they also laid on a classic Cornish cream tea. We arrived quite late, and were just in time for the end of lunch roasties being laid out as bar snacks.

The cream tea was everything you could hope for. We sat at the bar, along with a friendly crowd of drinking yachties (is there any other kind?) and tucked in to tea and scones. Is there a simpler but more delightful afternoon treat? The scones were light and fluffy – Mary Berry would approve – and the only source of any friction was a lively debate over whether one should put jam on cream or cream on jam. I still don’t know the answer. We ate them both ways, washed down with copious amounts of refreshing tea. Delicious, and heartily recommended.

PMC Rating (loos): ★★★★☆

The Devonport Inn, The Cleave, Kingsand, Cornwall, PL10 1NF

Sunday, 16th April 2017

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